The Madison Living History Project is a place to share stories and images related to Madison’s history. These are snapshots of Madison neighborhoods, places, people, and events conveyed through conversations with and stories from community members.

The goals of this project are to:

  1. Create an accessible digital platform where community members can share family and neighborhood history
  2. Help to digitally preserve individuals’ and neighborhoods’ historical artifacts
  3. Educate community members about preserving their own historical artifacts

Featured Story

Become a Story Ambassador - Applications Closed

We know there are important voices and chapters of Madison’s history that we haven’t explored yet, and we’re looking for individuals or teams of up to 3 people who can help us identify, connect with, and interview at least five community members who lived those stories. 

We’re looking for stories that:

  • Focus on historical moments or changes over time
  • Elevate an underrepresented group or lesser known chapter of Madison’s history

For example, collections might revolve around:

  • Changes to neighborhood hangouts or locally-owned businesses (ex: changes to State Street)
  • LGBTQ+ spaces and communities (ex: Club de Wash)  
  • Stories about refugees, immigrants or other groups new to Madison (ex: immigrants from Madison's Sister Cities)
  • Stories about social justice movements or collective action that influenced Madison's history (ex: Fair Housing Ordinance from 1960, Act 10 Protests of 2010)
  • How the city's natural environment has changed over time (ex: Recollections of Madison's lakes)
  • History of an event or an initiative in Madison (ex: Juneteenth)

Application Closed | Applicants will be notified in October