4th of July story by Mary Giblin

A short story recorded by Mary Giblin at the 75th anniversary of the Westmorland Neighborhood 4th of July celebration.

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  • Interviewer: Pei Pei Heikkinen



    INTERVIEWER: So I’m standing here with Mary Giblin at the July Fourth Westmoreland Celebration. Mary has been a participant for a few years now, so I’m going to get her feedback on this. [LAUGHS] Hey Mary!

    NARRATOR 1: Hi!


    NARRATOR 1: Hey Pei Pei [spelling], it’s good to see you.

    INTERVIEWER: Good to see you too! I’m glad you’re here. So, what do you think of the celebration so far?

    NARRATOR 1: You know, this is always an amazing celebration. I’m impressed by how much of the community comes out to celebrate. It’s a very warm environment. We are right in the neighborhood, but not in the Westmorland neighborhood, and we cant think of a better place to spend the Fourth.

    INTERVIEWER: Yeah. What do you think of the activities going on, for the families?

    NARRATOR 1: It’s remarkably well-coordinated for being a neighborhood event. There’s stuff for all ages. We’ve got everything from bouncy castles, which is Rowan’s favorite at three years old, to face painting and animals and cake walks, and a great park to play in, so I think it’s great, and having a band is super fun. I’m glad they were able to coordinate that.

    INTERVIEWER: Awesome, and um, what did you think of the parade?

    NARRATOR 1: I was impressed, we were in the parade this year and the last few times we’ve come, and I think that’s Rowan’s favorite part, to actually walk and march in front of people who are cheering and smiling, so I think it’s a fun group and I like that the course has changed each year.

    INTERVIEWER: Yeah. Do you have a particular favorite event, having been here for you know, a few years?

    NARRATOR 1: I think it is the parade, the actual walking parade, is my favorite part.

    INTERVIEWER: How about you, Andy?

    NARRATOR 2: I agree, the parade is super awesome. I love that the kids get to participate in it, and that they get to dress up and decorate and wave flags. [TO CHILD] Rowan, can you wave your flag?

    INTERVIEWER: So, Andy is Mary’s husband. Um, that was his contribution. Thanks guys!

    NARRATOR 1: Thank you!

    INTERVIEWER: Have a great day!

    NARRATOR 1: Happy Fourth!

    INTERVIEWER: Happy Fourth.