Mark White and Ron Radunzel - 4th of July

4th of July story by Mark White and Ron Radunzel

A short story recorded by Mark White and Ron Radunzel at the 75th anniversary of the Westmorland Neighborhood 4th of July celebration.

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    Interviewer: This is Pei Pei Heikkinen. I’m speaking with Mark White and Mr. Ron Radunzel, uh, here at Westmorland July Fourth neighborhood celebration. So, thank you for contributing to the story today, gentlemen. Um, I was wondering if you could tell me your experience with this particular celebration.

    Narrator 1: Uh, Boy Scout Troop 104, and I participated the last two years, uh, as part of the celebration, uh, to be part of a Scout contingent that leads the march. And last year the troop was the troop that raised the flag. This year the troop was participating when the Girl Scouts took charge in raising the flag.

    Interviewer: Very nice. Do you have any, um, particular great moments that you’d like to share, while going through the parade?

    Narrator 2: Nothing stands out. It’s a great parade, it’s a great turnout. It seems to be a very fun and friendly environment.

    Interviewer: How long have you been leading the parade?

    Narrator 1: Well, this will be the second year that the troop has been involved.

    Interviewer: Great. And Mark? What do you think of the whole neighborhood gathering?

    Narrator 2: Um, I think it’s a great event. I mean, we try to instill in the Boy Scouts a love of country, a reverence for the flag, and patriotism that we hope they take with them, carry with them their whole life.

    Interviewer: Cool. Really nice. Awesome. [new recording file] So just looking at today’s celebration, do you see any, um, familiar activities from the past, or any changes that you can tell from being here?

    Narrator 1: Um, from what I’ve been able to see it looks like a lot of the same activities. Uh, if there are changes, I haven’t seen them.

    Interviewer: OK. How about you, Mark?

    Narrator 2: Um, not really. I mean, what I would say is, this kind of celebration is typical, and it’s probably happening in a thousand places or more in this country at this moment, and even a hundred years ago it was the same kind of celebration. People coming together to celebrate the independence of their country and the patriotism and love they have for America.

    Interviewer: OK, great. Anything else that you gentlemen would like to add to be part of the history? Thank you so much for your time. I really appreciate it. Have a great time today. Nice to meet you.

Narrator 1: You, too.

    Narrator 2: You, too.