Jesse Mangerson - 4th of July

4th of July story by Jesse Mangerson

A short story recorded by Jesse Mangerson about the 75th anniversary of the Westmorland Neighborhood 4th of July celebration.

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    Narrator: Yeah, I’m Jesse Mangerson.

    Interviewer: Okay. Um what’s [INAUDIBLE] 2016 [INAUDIBLE].

    Narrator: Yeah, yeah. Yeah so we were just recalling about two years ago when it was SO hot that we all sat here in the shade sweating. Drinking our free beer--

    Interviewer: Uh-huh-

    Narrator: --thinking we should be drinking our water instead of our beer.

    Interviewer: Okay.

    Narrator: Um, and the kids all ran around like crazy eating candy and playing games and we had to reel ‘em back in to, to rehydrate--

    Interviewer: Uh-huh.

    Narrator: --and et cetera. Uh, but mainly because this year it’s just gorgeous out. You know like--

    Interviewer: Yeah.

    Narrator: --mid seventies and overcast--

    Interviewer: Is this one of the better – better--

    Narrator: This--this is one of the better.


    Narrator: I mean, in terms of what you like, right.

    Interviewer: Mhmm.

    Narrator: So, yeah. Yes. So that’s a- that’s a good one for us. But the bike parade is always fun, you know. Uh, a couple of years ago we were all on bikes but the kids have learned now scooters are the easier way to--

    Interviewer: Yeah.

    Narrator: --navigate the crowds.

    Interviewer: Yeah.

    Narrator: So, yeah.

    Interviewer: Okay. How old are your kids?

    Narrator: Well, one will be twelve this year and uh, and eight.

    Interviewer: Okay. Sure.

    Narrator: Yeah.

    Interviewer: What’s the story on the free beer I was noticing that. It was like [INAUDIBLE].

    Narrator: Well, you get tickets for beer--

    Interviewer: Ah, right, okay.

    Narrator: Right, and this is the first year that you get three tickets for beers. So three beers. Every other’s been two beers.

    Interviewer: Aaaah.

    Narrator: Uh, I never use my second ticket, so.


    Interviewer: Okay.

    Narrator: Um, yeah.

    Interviewer: Alright, well, thank you.

    Narrator: Yeah.