4th of July story by Jeff Heinz

A short story recorded by Jeff Heinz about the 75th anniversary of the Westmorland Neighborhood 4th of July celebration.

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    Narrator: The name?

    Interviewer: Jeff Heinz.

    Narrator: Alright.

    Interviewer: Uh, one thing that I remember is when our daughter Emily -- about sixteen years ago [LAUGHTER] – no, would it be about -- yeah. About seventeen years ago when we were walking along and she first saw the marching band for the, uh, July Fourth parade and uh, she said she played flute and uh basically joined the band on the spot and started practicing [LAUGHTER] with them right away. And she did it for – I don’t know – a dozen years almost. And--

    Interviewer: Did she play that year?

    Narrator: Uh, yeah? I think so. And also then the uh, Halloween parade, which is another tradition around here. Uh, I was in a band in 1974 that played up on the tennis courts.

    Interviewer: Okay.

    Narrator: That band would have been called “Trigger”.

    Interviewer: Uh-huh.

    Narrator: And that was me and Art [sp?] Tilly [sp?], Tim Howl [sp?,] and Roberto Carascillo [sp?].

    Interviewer: Okay.

    Narrator: And you know [CHILDREN YELLING] we did all the 1974 hard rock--

    Interviewer: Yeah!

    Narrator: --favorites.


    Interviewer: A popular theme this year has been the weather, is this the, the – best that you can remember?

    Narrator: This is about the coolest, yeah it’s really nice. It’s usually pretty hot.

    Interviewer: Yeah.

    Narrator: It’s often pretty hot.

    Interviewer: Uh-huh.

    Narrator: Yeah.

    Interviewer: Okay.

    Narrator: Yeah. Like pushing the limits of how hot-- [LAUGHS]

    Narrator 2: [INAUDIBLE] ...It was never rained out.

    Narrator: No but it’s never rained out that I remember and uh. The other thing that’s funny about it is that since they stopped having the fireworks, it’s funny how – we live close by here – how fast this park empties and gets cleaned out and if you came here later this afternoon [PAUSE] you wouldn’t know anything had happened here. It’s pretty – it's pretty funny like that [LAUGHTER] I guess.

    Interviewer: Okay. Well how long have you [PAUSE] have you been coming to these?

    Narrator: Um, well since I grew up on the West side I’ve been –

    Interviewer: Right.

    Narrator: I mean I remember comin’ here in the--

    Interviewer: When there were fireworks.

    Narrator: --very. When there were fireworks still here.

    Interviewer: Uh-huh.

    Narrator: And sitting up on the hill and then the fireworks were down in this launched from this flat area by the woods. And uh, it was a big, um, thing for around here.

    Narrator 2: We put the kids in strollers, so--

    Narrator: Yeah.

    Narrator 2: --it was twenty-some years.

    Narrator: Okay, yeah. So it ha--yeah. But it would go back into the seventies I guess.

    Interviewer: Okay. Thank you.

    Narrator: Sure.