4th of July story by Christy Casto

A short story recorded by Christy Casto about the 75th anniversary of the Westmorland Neighborhood 4th of July celebration.

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    Interviewer: Let's start with your name.

    Narrator: Sure, my name is Christy Casto.

    Interviewer: This is, uh, 7/4/16, Westmorland, um, Oral History Project. Ok, do you have a memory that you'd like to share of the Fourth?

    Narrator: Sure, oh, the Fourth of July, well, um, we moved here in 2002. Our fourth, first Fourth of July was 2003, and there's so many. Um, my husband was on the board for years and, uh, a couple years I was on the, uh, um, planning committee--

    Interviewer: Mhmm

    Narrator: Umm, oh boy

    Interviewer: Oh, a planning story, that would be good

    Narrator: Yea, a planning, oh a planning story!

    Interviewer: [LAUGHTER]

    Narrator: Umm, I remember the year I was--planned it, I think it was 2006 or 2007. Our group, we met up at the old chocolate shop [sp? Maybe Chocolate Shoppe?] at Midvale Plaza.

    Interviewer: Yes

    Narrator: So that was where we had our planning meetings. That was one of the years we actually had to change the parade route, um, because they were, they were, putting in the speed bumps on Owen.

    Interviewer: Uh huh

    Narrator: So that year I think we went down Holly.

    Interviewer: Ok

    Narrator: And, um, we had talked to Tom Martinelli and the History Committee and said, "What can you find for historic parade routes?" [LAUGHTER] So, um, that was one of the years we had to change it just to get around road construction. Um, but all the fun stuff, I mean, all the years we've been here the weather has been wonderful.

    Interviewer: Mhmm, this has been--

    Narrator: This has been great

    Interviewer: --a particularly nicer one [LAUGHTER]

    Narrator: Yes, yes. And so, I just, actually the thing I remember a lot, um, about the Fourth of July is every year, I bake a cake and bring it to the cake walk.

    Interviewer: Mhmm

    Narrator: And, my husband and I, um, we didn't have kids at the time, so we'd always be here early setting up, and here all day. And he was the treasurer for the years that we lived here.

    Interviewer: Mhmm

    Narrator: So, we go back home, and then for the next two hours after the event, we would, he would do all the finance stuff.


    Narrator: So that kind of, and then, that's what I remember, so

    Interviewer: Ok

    Narrator: Just seeing a lot of, of friends, and it's, it's neat to see all the people come back, and so, we are doing that too, now.

    Interviewer: Ok, ok. Where are you at now?

    Narrator: We're in Eau Claire.

    Interviewer: Ok

    Narrator: So we moved away in 2008.

    Interviewer: I see, well welcome back, and this has been a, uh, great year I think.

    Narrator: It has been. It has been. It was neat, we were here last night, um, for the concert as well. And so that was a really good time.

    Interviewer: Alright, thank you.

    Narrator: Thank--