COVID-19 story by Sarina Benford, November 17, 2020

Sarina Benford shares her experience during the COVID-19 pandemic in Madison. She describes a potential brush with the virus early in February, when her 6-month-old son had a severe cough and fever and passed it on to Sarina and her partner, who both felt that it was "the worst flu" they had ever experienced. Since there was no COVID testing at the time, she does not know for certain whether they had COVID. Sarina also shares how her work in hospitality has changed in order to maintain public safety, and how her own feelings about being around other people have shifted toward caution and anxiety. She talks about how she has tried to maintain positivity throughout this crisis and the political upheaval this year, including enrolling in the UW Odyssey program and finding creative ways to keep her family active.

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