Municipal Building story by Jenny Heck

Jenny Heck relates her experiences and feelings about the Municipal Building renovation, specifically about the music and art present at the Municipal Restored event and her hopes for continuing engagement with the community.

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    (Music in the background)

    Interviewer: Jacki Lawton is here with—

    Narrator: Jenny Heck.

    I: Spell your name for me, please?

    N: J-e-n-n-y H-e-c-k.

    I: Tell us about your hopes for the building?

    N: My, my hopes for the building. Um, I, I came to this event to kind of see, uh, what was happening with the arts and music related principles that are kind of being broadcasted through this. And so I thought it was really cool seeing all the art and what’s—what Madison artists have been doing, Madison musicians have been doing to, uh, incorporate their place with this event and I think, um, looking at all the art, that was really cool to me to see what Madison artists are doing, I guess. I really am intrigued in seeing where this goes in the future because I think it’s really cool how engaging this whole thing is for the community. And I think that’s a big part of any aspect of, of any aspect of life whether it’s art or music or government, it’s the engagement of the community and so seeing how this restoration has really brought the community together with all different people with different interests and agendas is really cool and I’m really hopeful to see where that goes with community engagement through the city of Madison.

    I: Are you originally from Madison? Or—

    N: I’m originally from Milwaukee, um, I’m studying here at UW Madison in the UW School of Music. Um, I’m studying Music Education, and so far I, I really enjoy living in Madison. I, I actually stayed here over the summer, um, instead of returning home, where I feel like I really got a nice hands on experience with the city and the ability to engage with different types of people in that time of a break from school was really, really rewarding and fulfilling, in the city.

    I: Thank you.

    N: Um.

    I: Are you planning on, are you hoping to stay in Madison in the distant future, or—

    N: I, I am hoping to stay in Madison. I do really like Madison. I don’t have plans for after graduation currently, and that would really depend on where I, I teach music. But I would love to stay in Madison and teach music, or in the area. I, I feel that Madison has become a big part of my life and like kind of a home to me that I can really count on as a, as a good city in Wisconsin and I would love to stay here and I definitely plan on returning in my life.

    I: Do you have anything else?

    N: I think that’s it!

    I: Thank you, Jenny! This is Jacki Lawton interviewing.