Municipal Building story by Jaclyn Lawton

Jacki Lawton recalls her memories of attending public meetings in the former courtroom of the Madison Municipal Building.

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    Narrator: This is Jacki Lawton,

    Interviewer: And this is Ardina Boll. I’m conducting the interview at the Municipal Restored event on December 8, 2018.

    Narrator: So I’ve had occasion to attend lots of public meetings in the third-floor former courtroom. And it seemed always dark. And as a citizen you sat in pews. It was very uncomfortable. It would definitely encourage people to leave before the full hour, two-hour, three-hour meeting was over. And the city cable would be lurking behind some panels to the side of the room, maybe recording the event depending on what committee was meeting. And maybe not. So that was always tricky, if you didn’t want to be on cable TV for the City of Madison.

    Occasionally I was able to sit at the table, in the very cool swivel chairs that were like something out of To Kill a Mockingbird, those old trial stories where they had the rolling chairs. That’s my whole story.

    Interviewer: That’s your whole story? OK, thank you.